Interior design is more than just transforming a space with aesthetics. It involves a perfect balance of functionality and comfort that entails maximizing a space and increasing its value. Here, we take a look at the services included in interior design services in Texas:

  • Client ConsultationConsulting with a construction company in Houston, Texas, is your first step in building the space you envision. A client consultation covers aspects like project management and budget. This provides an opportunity to coordinate plans, determine your budget, and discuss your personal timeline and goals.
  • Floor PlanningFloor planning is a vital part of interior design and involves a careful analysis of how the space is utilized. An interior designer will accommodate your needs and preferences and ensure ease of movement through the positioning of furniture, rooms, traffic flow, and more.
  • 3D RenderingsInterior 3D renderings offer a visual representation of what your space will look like after the renovation is completed. Interior residential design services include 3D rendering to help you envision the results. Hence, an interior designer will work with you to ensure every detail and area of the layout is properly designed before construction starts.
  • Color Schemes and Lighting PlansInterior design services also include making sure the color palette blends well with the lighting. This ensures the desired look and ambiance are achieved. The right combination of light and color adds to the aesthetic value of any room.

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